We believe that a well-mannered dog has more fun in life!

Our science-based, relationship-centered training utilizes compassionate consequences to help teach a dog to make good decisions. We offer group classes in our immaculate, climate-controlled facility and in-home private lessons so you can work in the environment that best sets you and your dog up for success. We encourage the use of creativity and play in our training, so it’s a fun activity for the human and the dog.  A training session is successful when participants leave not only with solutions, but with smiles on their faces and wags in their tails.

We specialize in problem solving & prevention, as well as training to address aggressive behavior, We do not use fear, pain, or the threat of pain to modify behavior. Please visit Our Training Philosophy page for more information on why we train the way we do.

If you are thinking about opening your heart and home to a pooch, we highly recommend reading Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Book “Before Your Get Your Puppy” which is filled with important information about how to set yourself and your dog up for success. Dr. Dunbar pioneered Puppy Socialization classes in this country 30 years ago as a way to “vaccinate” against future behavior issues. Studies show that the majority of dogs (98%) surrendered to shelters are untrained making puppyhood the ideal time to rescue adult shelter dogs:  providing dogs the skills they need to thrive helps eliminate the need to surrender them in the future to a shelter or rescue organization. Dr. Dunbar’s book is available as a free download from the following link: Before You Get Your Puppy